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Customised PU Products

Polyurethane is a polymer compound with many versatile uses. It is employed in the marine, fuel, and manufacturing industries, among countless others. One of the main factors in polyurethane’s versatility is that it exists as a liquid before molding and casting. This allows the material to be formed into a wide variety of shapes, from hourglasses for pipe rollers to caps for offshore oil rig wellheads.

Since polyurethane is such a versatile material, it can be molded and cast in a number of different ways to suit individual or industry needs. Some of the most common methods are discussed below.

PU Bonded Seal

Compression Molding

This method uses a heated mold as well as heated compression material. The material is then put under pressure so that it contacts all parts of the mold. The material is kept under heat and pressure until curing is completed. Compression molding of polyurethane is ideal for high volume, simple orders as it is fast and inexpensive compared to many other molding methods.

PU Casting Machine

Injection Molding

Injection molding offers the benefit of high volume production by using strong, metal molds. It can be utilized for a variety of parts, both large and small. The process is completed under very high pressure where the polyurethane is injected into a mold then allowed to cure. With injection molding, the mold can contain multiple cavities for very intricate shapes.

PU Components

Blow Molding

In this process, polyurethane is shaped into a preform with a hole in a single end. This preform is placed into a mold and air is then blown through it, forcing it to match the dimensions of the mold. Of course, this makes blow molding ideal for forming hollow parts. Once the process is complete, the mold is opened and the part removed.

PU Spacer

Extrusion Molding

This method uses a polyurethane blank, or unformed shape, to create a cross section of the desired part. The blank is forced through a shaped die, allowing for an extremely complex final shape. Furthermore, this technique allows for a very long final product, or multiple shorter pieces – whatever is needed for the project.

PU Trac-Pads

Polyurethane Casting

Overall, casting polyurethane is similar to injection molding. A mold, usually made of silicone or a similar soft substance, is injected with hot polyurethane which is then allowed to cure. Since the mold is not as resilient as the metal molds typically used for injection molding, polyurethane casting is not typically used for large volume production. However, very complex and intricate products can be produced with this method. Urethane casting is ideal for prototypes, small custom projects, and single pieces.

PU Trolley Wheel

Benefits of Polyurethane

With its light weight, overall low production cost, versatility and resistance to corrosion, polyurethane is well suited to a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Since it can be subjected to a variety of molding and casting techniques, it can be employed in almost every conceivable industry. The various molding and casting methods available also allow urethane to be custom designed to provide solutions for even the most specialized jobs.

PU V-Rollers

Cast Polyurethane Rollers offered is made available by us in varied configuration choices so as to perfectly match up with the demand of different process applications like in feed rollers, drive rollers, idler rollers, conveyor rollers and others. Further, these polyurethane rollers feature different sizes and shapes like as straight rollers, hourglass rollers, conveyor rollers, slip-on rollers, radius rollers and others. Some of its features include comes with superior anti- abrasive properties; available in form of finished machined & molded components; available in wide shore hardness; provide for optimum noise & vibration damping support; come with greater load bearing capacity; offering superior resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, grease and others.

PU Wheels


High Tear Strength, Wide range of Hardness, Noise & Vibration Damping, Excellent hydrolysis stability, Wide Resilience (Rebound), Great load bearing capacity, Resistance to o greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxygen and ozone.

Rubber Rollers

Slitter PU Spacers

Precision made from the highest quality polyurethane, our slitter spacers are custom manufactured to your exacting tolerances and specifications. Brightex slitter spacers offer you reliability and wearability.

We can also provide you with custom rubber stripper rings and PU Spacers in addition to a wide variety of rubber components.

Urethane Parts

Bright rubber spacers and stripper rings are manufactured for stability and precision tolerances from synthetic rubber, generally Buna-N, PU to prevent metal strips from scratching or marring during cutting or trimming applications. They are available in a wide range of durometers and color options.

Urethane Rollers

Just send us your specs or call us to speak with our experienced technical staff about your slitter spacer applications and requirements. Once we have your OD, ID, keyway, and thickness specifications we can provide you with a fast, comprehensive quote and get started as soon as you’d like.